Get my NEW book FREE

Crazy circumstances have left me with full ownership of my book. It turns out that the publisher was a crook and never published it.


So at least for now, I'm willing to give you a copy for FREE!


The book contains 23 powerful chapters, each with a strategy, tactic or method for improving your results.  Many of the subjects explore ideas outside traditionally taught sales theory. The book covers both face-to-face and inside sales methods. 


The last chapter titled "Flyn" has information on how you can get inexpensive help from me. This includes numerous free tools which I will be sending you over time if you get the book.  Additionally, a number of chapters discuss subjects which are covered in my "Sales Tactics Course" videos. Access to that course is also very inexpensive.


NOTE: I have a feeling the publisher didn't properly edit the work. So please forgive any errors. I have fixed a number of things, but I did NOT reedit the entire book - maybe in the second edition. 

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